Stavanger foto Lab

Stavanger foto is owned by Alexander AS, organization number NO986724397MVA.

For over 30 years we have been in the business of preserving your memories. We are one of few photo dealers that still develops film and produces almost all our photo products ourselves.

Admittedly, we don't develop as much film today as we did when we started in the 80's, but in return new products and materials have emerged. We still take pride in offering you products with real photo quality.

By manufactoring locally and cooperating with other local manufactors makes us flexible and it gives us total quality control over the finished product. In addition it means we can deliver faster and save time on shipping back and forth between tird parties.

Our goal is to offer high quality products and fast delivery at an affordable price.

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In addition to our photo lab we are one of Norway's leading dealers of photography equipment and we are an authorized re-seller of all the biggest brands in the business. Through our local store and our webshop we serve customers all over the country, and we offer the same prices and the same excellent service regardless of whether you shop in our store or online.

Please feel free to see what our customers say about us at our facebook page.

Photography is passion